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This workshop is put together to enhance the talents of the budding Junior Boss of Fashion. The Program brings together some of the best in their field to teach and enhance these young Artists how to be the best and bring out the best part of their talent but more importantly to teach them how to run their talent as a business.

 We will start with teaching these young bosses how to open and run a business by education them on the business aspect of the fashion industry, by teaching them how to set up the right infrastructure of a Company that will last for generations to come. These young students in the workshop will have the opportunity to select from one of the following four specialization:

  • Fashion Design
  • Make Up Artistry
  • Fashion Photography
  • Modelling
  • Fashion Styling

Each module will be accompanied by instructions on how the business side of that field is set up and should be run – Mini but packed course in Business Management and Administration.

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