House of Clyopatra Foundation

Who We Are

Founded in 2019, House of Clyopatra Couture Foundation serves as a charitable, cultural and educational organization committed to bridging the gap between cultures and generations. Our work is dedicated to mentoring and empowering the next generation into becoming young entrepreneurs and creatives in the fashion industry. We strive to bring to light the diversity in the Fashion Industry. Get in touch to learn how you can make a difference at our Charitable Foundation.

House of Clyopatra Couture Foundation is a charitable organization devoted to making the world a better place through various initiatives designed to help those in need. Together, we can make a difference in the world for generations to come. Read more about our work and learn how you can make a change today.

  • Fashion Industry

    • Business

    • Finance

Led by Experienced Creatives in the Fashion Industry

  • Workshops on the following five specializations: 

    • Fashion Design

    • Fashion Photography

    • Makeup Artistry 

    • Styling

    • Modeling 


Helping our youth to realize their ultimate potential, fulfill their life purpose, attain financial freedom, harness the creative mind in making a difference and leaving a legacy.