About us

Who we are

The Visionary, the Founder and the Creative behind House of Clyopatra Foundation Ms. Ifeoma C. Onyia; the Winner of “Keeper of Heritage” Award by Susan Taylor of Essence Magazine and MISS BLACK AMERICA PAGEANT Swimsuit Designer. Throughout her life, Ifeoma Onyia has always found herself gravitating towards anyone that she believes that may need her help. House of Clyopatra Foundation was born out of the unquenchable need to help, assist, mentor, and empower those that are amongst the most vulnerable populations in society. Having lost her father, three beloved brothers: Oby, Andy and Emmanuel, and having been a single mother herself for over 20 years, Ifeoma Onyia. understands the plight of children and women that are left without a strong support system in their lives. Hence, House of Clyopatra is the most important project for her to date.


Founded in 2019, House of Clyopatra Foundation (HCF) dba House of Mary, dba Junior Bosses of Fashion serves as a Charitable, Counseling, Mentoring, Cultural, and Educational organization committed to bridging the gap between cultures and generations. One leg of our foundation, Junior Bosses of Fashion, is dedicated to mentoring and empowering the next generation into becoming young entrepreneurs and creatives in the fashion industry. We strive to bring to light the diversity in the Fashion Industry and teach the young entrepreneur how to build generational wealth.

House of Clyopatra Foundation ultimately aims to help individuals realize their ultimate potential, fulfill their life purpose, attain financial freedom, and harness the creative mind in making a difference and leaving a legacy.

Our approach

Our Mission
Helping individuals to realize their ultimate potential, fulfill their life purpose,attain financial freedom, harness the creative mind in making a difference and leaving a legacy.
Our Purpose
To teach the youths how to become entrepreneur with a strong foundation that will help them to build Generational Wealth. Many people are born with the natural talent as a Designer, A Model, a Makeup Artist, Photographer or a Stylist, some are so lucky that they realize this from an early age but may sometimes let go of these talents due to lack of not having the resources or not knowing how to navigate through the unique industry of Fashion. Some also start but are unable to continue due to the fact that they have not mastered the art of handling the business/financial aspect of that talent.